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- Common Uses for Tubular and Clincher Tyre

- Easy to Use, High Quality Material and Durable Chromed Design

- 11" flexible hose


How To Use:
1.Use a mark pen to confirm the repair site, mark it. To ensure the Tire pressure above 2.2 MPa can operate the following operations.
2.Remove the prickled port with tire repair tools by inserting it through the hole of the prickled port.Repeated rotation around the hole cleaning,confirm no dust.
3.Select suitable tire seal specifications, placed on the special tool.
4.Pull out special tool at the same time, quickly use tire seal inserted into the hole, fixed appropriate position, rotate 360 degrees and pull out the special tool.
5.Cut off the extra tire seal from tyre surface, guaranteed the beauty of tire appearance.
6.Use liquid soap or detergent diluent solution to this site to observe if there are bubbles.If there is no bubbles that successful repaired.


Tire repair strip: 10cm
Material(except Tire repair stip):Steel

Remove the object that caused tyre puncture.
Insert the rasp into the hole, push and pull the rasp to roughen and clean the edges.
Coat the needle with the rubber cement, and spread the cement on the hole.
Insert the repair string into the hole to seal it.

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