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Features & details

• Portable - This is a detachable grill that can be easily placed in the trunk of the car. Bring happiness to your leisure time with family and friends, and also enhance your relationship.

• Sturdy and durable material - Simple and generous barbecue frame, high quality thick steel plate + stainless steel , high temperature resistance, not easy to rust and deformation, durable and easy to clean, is an ideal barbecue for the family.

• Best Outdoor Grill - This easy-to-carry grill is suitable for outdoor barbecues, family gatherings and outdoor parties. It is suitable for charcoal and wood fuel. It can make you feel the most original taste of food, very fashionable and convenient.

• Simple assembly and use - This is a simple assembled large barbecue, suitable for many people, very in line with the modern people's buying concept.