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Pressure Sprayer
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- Storage: 1.0 Liter

- Brass nozzle

- Eeasy pumping with auto spraying mode & multi pattern nozzle

- Pressure pump spray bottle .

- Robust design with good seals.

- this DELUXE brand pressure sprayer have amazingif compare to market other brands pressure sprayer.

- DELUXE brand pressure sprayer is the most reliable and popular use in the market because of its HIGH PRESSURE and robust design of the pump and nozzle

- Brass spray nozzle from mist to jet, metal pump shaft.

- By adjusting the rotating copper nozzle, can control the flow of water . When watering, nozzle can be loose, large flow of water; when spray or injection nozzle, tighten it , spray water for fog, sprays for along time once pressurised , many uses include: use with cleaning chemicals, greenhouse spray products, disinfecting products, valeting, plastering (wetting down) bricklaying (wetting bricks, loosening mortar)

- Can also use as a beekeeping Humidifier.

- Materials: Brass+ Plastics

  • Perfect anti-blocking water mouth: two-stage design, unique craft, the water flow smoothly, not blocking ​

  • ABS material: high strength, high hardness, good heat resistance and cold resistance, long life 

  • Energy-saving handle: handheld grip design, any hand type can easy to master 

  • Antiskid handshake: ergonomic design, holding comfortable, energy-saving and anti-skid 

  • Automatic safety relief valve 

  • The air pressure is strong and can be up to 5 ~ 8m injection water column 

  • The adjustable spray(rotating nozzle) 


- Brand Name:HD2

- Model Number: PUPUBP2

- Sprayer Type:Pump

- Material: Plastic, PE,PP

- Plastic Type:PE

- Usage:Garden


- Capacity:2L

- Power Source:HAND

- Nozzle:Long nozzle

- Size: 5.12"W x 13.39"H /13 x 34cm; Capacity: 0.5 Gallon/2L; 

- Weight: 500g

  • Spray cleaning with detergents
  • Spraying fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides
  • Spraying fences and gates with preservative treatments
  • Watering plants indoor or outdoor
  • Cleaning in those hard to reach spots on your car/van like in and around the wheels, engine bay, under the car and lights.
  • A patented device that blocks the lever in a normal or in a continuous spray position
  • Total capacity 2000ml
  • Gasket NBR
  • Nozzle adjustable
  • Max pressure 3.0ba
  • Made in Italy


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