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Wall sealer/ Undercoat
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  • Excellent efflorescence resistance
  • Low odour and VOC
  • Suitable for exterior and interior
  • For new & repainting wall

Hi-Bond Wall Sealer is specially formulated for direct painting on difficult surfaces such as skim coated walls and plaster ceilings to enhance inter-coat bonding for the finishing topcoat.

Product Features:
• Good depth of penetration to enhance adhesion for subsequent topcoat
• Good mild alkaline and efflorescence resistance
• Lower odour during and after application (compare to ordinary solvent based sealer)
• Fast dry for quick recoating interval

  • Low odour
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Universal primer coating for many types of substrate
  • Suitable for use as a barrier / tie coat between ideal single pack coating and two pack solvent based top coats

  • Low odour
  • Environmental friendly
  • Excellent adhesion on many type of substrate
  • Water-based sealer for interior and exterior
  • Protect finishing coats against the effects of mild alkalinity and moisture from the subtrate
  • Low VOC
  • Low Odour
  • For plastered walls, ceilings, brickwork, hardboard, softboard, asbestos