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Concrete & Garage Floor Paint
Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

Can you paint a concrete garage floor?

Paint the Floor. When selecting paint for your garage floor, make sure to choose an epoxy paint created especially for garage floors. Mix the paint well and apply a thin, even first coat. Cut in along the edges of your garage with a brush and then use a roller with a medium nap to apply the rest of the paint.

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  • Mixing Ratio : 4 parts by volume of Base to 1 part by volume of Hardener and stir at least 6 minutes
  • Pot-life : Use within 1 hour after mixing  with 1L Hardener
  • Tough Finishing
  • Excellent abrasion resistant
  • Low odour, environmental friendly
  • for internal uses and non-immersion services
  • Ideal for factories, canteen, electronics, industries, pharmaceutical, hospital, offices and institution
  • two component high performance water-based polyamide amine adduct cured epoxy coating
  • specifically designed for protection of the internal masonry surfaces such as cement or concrete floor, cement or concrete wall, as well as glaze tile with appropriate primer




  • Mixing Ratio : 4 parts by volume of Base to 1 part by volume of Hardener. Must stir at least 6 minutes

  • Pot-Life : 1 hour after mixing

  • Weathering durability, gloss and colour retention

  • Non-yellowing and does not  chalk easily

  • Resistant to splashes of mild, non aggressive chemicals

  • Good application properties, flow and levellingLong recoatability property, can be recoated even after long exposure
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