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Product Specs:
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (HXWXD) :45.5x 10.75 x 8 in
RUN-TIME :55 min.
Specific Uses For Product : Hard floor, Carpet, Dual action

  • Integrated fine mesh water filter
  • Garden hose adapter A3/4"
  • High-pressure hose, 4m
  • Detergent hose, With filter
  • Vario-Power spray lance
  • Dirt blaster
  • Outstanding performance
  • Quick Connect
  • Three-piston axial pump
  • Safety valve and motor-stop function
  • Motor type: water-cooled induction
  • Voltage(Hz): 230-50
  • Load: 1.8kW
  • 120bar
  • Flow rate(l/h):max 420
  • 1 Free Gift

Compact, lightweight, practical, robust - the K 2.050 is ideal for occasional use around the house. This high-pressure cleaner is suitable, e.g. for cleaning cars, garden furniture or patios. An impact-resistant, recyclable plastic casing effectively prevents dirt particles from damaging the motor and pump. A safety valve prevents pressure overload. A pressure switch control switches the motor on and off when the trigger gun is pressed and released. High-performance machine with high-quality N-Cor pump to reduce noise. A detergent injector system supplies detergent to the area being cleaned also at low pressure. A large on/off switch for ease of use, practical hook for cable storage and an ergonomically designed trigger gun for effortless cleaning are further features of the K 2.050. More high flow rate than K1.

Technical data
Pressure (bar/MPa)    :max. 100 / max. 10
Flow rate (l/h)    :max. 342
Connection load (kW): 1,2
Max. inlet temperature (°C)    :max. 40
Current type (V/Hz)    :220 / 240 / 50 / 60
Weight without accessories (kg)    :3,9
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)    :241 x 160 x 426

One-jet spray lance
Dirt blaster
High-pressure hose, 3 m
Detergent application via, Suction
Integrated water filter
A3/4" garden hose connector adapter


Technical data WD1 CLASSIC:

Actual suction power* (Air watts)    180
Container capacity (l)    15
Container material    Plastic
Power cable (m)    5
Standard accessory ID (mm)    35
Current type (V/Hz)    220 - 240 / 50 - 60
Weight without accessories (kg)    3.9
Weight incl. packaging (kg)    5.5
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)    330 x 351 x 461

Technical data WD1:

Actual suction power* (Air watts)    160
Energy use (W)    1000
Container capacity (l)    15
Container material    Plastic
Power cable (m)    4
Standard accessory ID (mm)    35
Current type (V/Hz)    220 - 240 / 50 - 60
Weight without accessories (kg)    3.7
Weight incl. packaging (kg)    5.8
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)    331 x 352 x 461


Max. Speed: Max 160 bar

Max. Capacity: 7L

Rated Power Input: 2000W

Voltage: 240V

Weight: 7.2 kg

To remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. 

-Longer life service 

-Higher pressure 

-Uses 80% less water



BUYER TAKE NOTE. Black + Decker redesigned its logo, from Black & Decker to Black + Decker. Many products and packages still have the old logo, but rest assured they are all authentic.

Black & Decker BW15 1500W 120 Bar High Pressure Cleaner With Standard Accessories
(Replace PW1500S)

Powerful Pressure Washer
The powerful pressure washer is engineered to deliver an efficient cleaning action on various indoor and outdoor surfaces. This modern washer delivers optimum pressure to clean any surface with ease. It has a balanced sound management system for quieter operation.

1500W Motor: 
The pressure washer is powered by a 1500-Watt motor that delivers high water pressure for easy cleaning. The structure has air vents to cool the motor down when it gets heated. This increases the motor life.

120 Bar Pressure:
The motor enables the user to operate this washer with a maximum pressure rate of 120bars. The pressure washer provides a water flow rate of 390 litres per hour, which is optimum for heavy cleaning applications.

Precision Nozzle:
This pressure washer features an ergonomically designed nozzle that allows the user to adjust the pressure depending on the cleaning surface. This nozzle delivers a milling effect. It combines high impact with maximum coverage.

Ideal for cleaning the garage floor, windows, cars, motorcycles, bicycles and Garden equipment.
Power: 1500W
Max Water Flow: 6,5l/min
Working Flow: 5l/min
Auto Stop: Yes
Maximum Pressure: 120 Bar
Rated Pressure: 80 Bar
Hose: 6m
Cord: 5m
Dimensions (cm): 26.5 x 30 x 46


BLACK&DECKER Cordless Cleaner BCPC20D1-B1 24 Bar 20V

Removes ingrained dirt in the living area, making it cleaner and more pleasant. with a powerful atomizer that comes with a nozzle that can be adjusted and penetrate to clean thoroughly even in tight spaces Suitable for spray cleaning around the house, such as moss stains on the walls, mud stains stuck in gardening equipment or vehicles such as bicycles, cars or motorcycles, etc.

-Cordless washer with 350 PSI or 24 bar, up to 5 times stronger than a normal water hose.
-20 volt battery, convenient to use easy to carry Because it is a wireless tool
-BUILD-IN nozzle can be used continuously for 10-15 minutes. Choose to adjust the strength of the water to 2 levels.
-57 cm long spray handle, comes with a suction hose, 6 meters long for convenient use.
-Continuous lock button. This eliminates the need to hold down the trigger for a long time more flexible.

How to use:
For watering plants, washing cars, cleaning various dirt.
It should only be used with clean water.

Study the usage information carefully.
When finished should be stored properly.

Do not modify, modify, or misuse the product.
Do not use acidic chemicals. and alkali cleaning.
Store in a dry place and out of reach of children.
Do not store near heat and flame.